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Grading System

Rocky Mountain College uses the Alberta Common Grading Scale as follows:


 Grade Point

 A+  4.0
 A  4.0
 A-  3.7
B+  3.3
 B  3.0
 B-  2.7
 C+  2.3
 C  2.0
 C-  1.7
 D+  1.3
 D  1.0
 D-  0.7
F  0.0
P  Pass
IN Incomplete
VW Voluntary Withdrawal
AU Audit

The conversion of marks, such as percentage scores, to the Grading Scale does not follow a college-wide system. The relationship between raw scores and the Grading Scale is dependent on the nature of the course and the instructor’s assessment of the performance of the students’ work as compared to common expectations within the discipline for that level of course work and the performance of students in similar courses in other classes and years. The following provides an interpretation of each grade:

  • A = Excellent— superior performance showing comprehensive understanding of subject matter.
  • B = Good — clearly above average performance with knowledge of the subject matter generally complete.
  • C = Satisfactory — basic understanding of subject matter.
  • D = Inferior work which falls below the expectations of the course but which is of passing quality.
  • F = Failure to meet the minimum standards required for a passing grade.
  • P = Represents satisfactory work. Given only in courses specially designated for pass / fail grading.
  • IN = Incomplete.
  • VW = Voluntary withdrawal from a course before the course withdrawal deadline.
  • AU = Audit— No grade awarded.

Grade Point Average

At the end of each semester, a student’s grade point average (G.P.A.) is calculated by totalling the number of grade points earned in each course and dividing by the total number of course hours taken.

Incomplete Grade

A student must apply to the VP Academic and receive permission from the professor to complete course work after the end of a course and to have an Incomplete (‘IN’) grade applied to the transcript. Work missed must be made up and the final examination taken within the time specified in the extension unless further time is granted by the VP Academic. If the course is not completed within the revised deadline, an ‘F’ grade will be given.

Academic Probation

Students whose grade point average in the last 9 credits of courses was below 1.75, are placed on academic probation. Limitations on academic participation may be applied. Academic probation is removed when the G.P.A. for the next 9 credits is 2.00 or above. A student remaining on academic probation for two consecutive terms is required to take at least 4 months off before permission is granted to register for another course. A student may submit a written appeal to the VP Academic requesting exemption from this policy due to extenuating circumstances.

Standard for Written Work

Written work is expected to follow standards set by the College. APA form and style in written work is required for all programs.

Tests and Examinations

Mid-term tests are scheduled by the course instructor as outlined in the course syllabus. Missed tests without prior rescheduling arrangements confirmed with the course instructor will receive 0%.

Final examinations must be taken as scheduled. Missed final examinations will receive 0%. Permission to reschedule an exam requires application to the VP Academic in consultation with the course instructor prior to the sitting of the exam.

Rescheduling of an exam without financial penalty may be given if:

  • a student has an exam conflict with another RMC exam
  • a student has more than two exams scheduled on one day
  • a student has a scheduling conflict with another post- secondary institution
  • a student has an illness with notification given prior to the examination and a doctor’s note indicating that the student was unable to attend on the scheduled day

Any other approved request for rescheduling an exam requires payment of a re-scheduling fee.

Last Day to Accept Semester Assignments

All assignments must be submitted by the due dates outlined in the course syllabus. No papers, make up examinations, reading reports, or any other type of assignment will be received after the last day of a course agreement, except those granted an Incomplete by prior permission.

Extensions and Continuances

Students requiring more than the contracted time are required to submit an application for extension via email to the course facilitator before 90% of the contracted time for the course has passed. Extensions of up to 20% of the contracted course time may be granted by facilitators at their sole discretion who will inform the Registrar and the Registrar will inform the Program Coordinator. The extension fee is $100.

Applications for continuances beyond an extension must be submitted in writing (via email or hard copy) by the student to the Program Coordinator before the end of any extensions granted. The Program Coordinator will make a decision on the request in consultation with the Vice President Academic. Continuances will be considered on a case by case basis. Students may apply for a maximum of 2 continuances per course enrolment. Continuances are subject to a fee.

To qualify for a continuance:

  • Assignments worth at least 50% of the grade for the entire course must already have been submitted,
  • Assignments submitted must be of at least passing performance, and the remaining work or exams, if completed, could result in a passing grade. A continuance fee is $100 per week for a first continuance and $150 per week for a second.

Repeating a Course

A student may repeat a course in which a failing or low grade is obtained. The transcript will record each time a course is taken and the grade given. However, only the highest mark is considered in computing the cumulative G.P.A. A course may be retaken only once.

Notification of Results

Grade Reports are available on the Student Portal. If there are outstanding fees on a student’s account, transcripts will be withheld until payment is made in full.


Transcripts are issued upon written request to the VP Academic. Official transcripts are issued directly to other educational institutions or employers. All financial accounts must be settled in full before a transcript will be issued.

President’s Honour Roll and Dean’s List

Full-time students registered in 12 or more credits who complete a semester with a 4.00 G.P.A. are placed on the President’s Honour Roll. Full-time students who complete a semester with a G.P.A. of 3.40 to 3.99 are placed on the Dean’s List.

Have a Question About Our Grading Policies?

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